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With tax, nothing is easy. Our tax laws are complex. The tax reporting process is complex. The IRS bureaucracy is complex.

A do-it-yourself approach will likely leave you exhausted, frustrated, and, in the end, it can be very costly.

Our tax attorneys provide thoughtful and experienced advocacy on behalf of clients in federal and state tax planning and disputes.

From Tax Planning to Tax Disputes

We help clients in Houston and beyond with just about every type of tax matter.

We have an in-depth understanding of tax matters arising in the tax return and planning stage through to tax controversies affecting particular industries and tax issues. This includes IRS tax planning and problems as well as state tax planning disputes.

Tax Attorneys & Staff

The goal of our tax attorney firm is to help reduce the time, confusion, and stress associated with federal and state tax matters.

Whether you have a small individual tax issue or liability or a larger business tax matter, we believe that we have the experience, expertise, and resources that you need. Contact your tax defense team today.

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by K.D. Mitchell, LLM, JD